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Prune was imported by his original owner from Russia. His owner, unfortunately started traveling for business and couldn't give Prune the love and attention he needed. So, he gave Prune to a family he thought would care and love this fantastic cat, as he did. Prune is a very sensitive and anxious little animal.  The change and upheaval overwhelmed him, causing him to avoid using the litter box. The family chose not to deal with his issues, and left him in a box, on a cold winter night, outside a local animal shelter. He was dirty, hungry, shaking, and terrified. Shelter life proved to be even more traumatic for him.


We took him in as a foster, fell in love with this sensitive little soul, and happily adopted him!

He occassionally has his anxiety moments, but is the most loving and affectionate animal we have ever met, and wouldn't trade him for the world!

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