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I am absolutely honored to be featured by The Paw Project.

Watch the movie. Spread the word. We will stop this cruelty.

The Paw Project

Do you know someone who is thinking of declawing? Please SHARE this message from Stephen:

"6 months ago I lost my Zoey. She found me at my shelter. ...And I mean she found me. I never saw her, she called out to me. I turned around and I fell in love. I took her home, and she proceeded to get me through the worst period of my life. I was lost and felt I had no one left, yet there she was. Every time. She would sleep right next to my head. When I couldn't sleep, I just turned and smelled her fur. It made me smile. She was the most amazing creature I have ever met. I never got to thank her enough for the pure joy she brought me. I only had her for a little over a year. She was taken too soon.

"As I write this I cry for her. Thinking back, when I had to watch what the ravages of declawing did to her. The suffering she had. She never deserved such pain. The severe arthritis in her front and back legs made it hard for her to even go up and down stairs. It hurt her so badly to use her litter box. She couldn't play anymore.

"For a long time I wanted to find the people who did this to her then threw her out in the streets of Newark, NJ, presumably because she stopped using her litter box, and just ask why. 'Why would you ever do this to such an amazing animal? Did you EVER love her?'

"On behalf of Zoey, and all of the declawed cats that come into our shelter every day, I am on a mission for them. Thank you so much for motivating me to educate the world. I have already started guiding every adopter to your movie or your website. I am also hanging posters and putting hand outs in the adoption paperwork. I will do whatever I can to end this cruelty.

Forever grateful,
Stephen and Zoey"

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