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Our Products:

We provide Two SEPARATE, PREMIUM, Delicious Jerky Treats in one bag. 

2 TREATS For the PRICE of 1

We only use the finest ingredients, 100% USDA Top Sirloin Beef and 100% USDA Chicken Breast. No gluten, grains, hormones, fillers, additives, antibiotics, preservatives or chemicals are ever used.

SUGAR FREE AND SALT FREE!! GREAT Treats for Diabetic Dogs!!

Our treats are slowly roasted in small batches and lightly hickory smoked, NO OVERPOWERING Smell or taste, making them Flavorful and Delicious. 

They are not only delicious, but are nutritious as well. The Jerky Treats are packed with protein, as well as veterinarian recommended vegetables.  The sweet potato and carrots provide your dog & cat with Fiber, Antioxidants, Vitamin A, & Beta Carotene, which are all important for anti-aging, healthy eyes, and a healthy coat. The Protein in the Top Sirloin Beef and White Meat Chicken Breast strengthens your pet and promotes good muscle health. 

Why can't a treat be healthy?

Our treats are SAFE!! No foreign ingredients, no risky China imports, WE ARE ALL AMERICAN GROWN & ALL AMERICAN MADE-ALL THE TIME!

Our Top Sirloin is 100% USDA Prime Cuts of Beef, NOT SCRAPS! Our Chicken is 100% USDA White Meat Chicken Breast, NO BY-PRODUCTS! All our meat is manufactured in a Certified USDA plant, so it's Restaurant Quality, fit for human consumption.

                            TREATS YOU CAN TRUST!!

HELP SUPPORT ANIMAL RESCUE: WE Proudly Donate a Portion of All our Sales to Animal Rescue.

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