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In loving memory of our beloved fur baby, Cai, that succumbed to contaminated pet food from foreign imports…. So, what is your PET PEEVE?




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               Thank you for your support
    Some of the proceeds go to ANIMAL RESCUE
Our Fur Baby-"Toothless"
This is another story that inspired the Birth of Pet Peeve Gear
Meet our Toothless the Cat, rescued from an overcrowded animal shelter, Toothless was malnourished, weighed five pounds, had severely matted hair, and only three teeth. As the animal shelter slowly nursed him back to health, an ultrasound revealed that Toothless had lymphoma and was only given weeks to live. We refused to give up on this rescue cat. After continued treatment, lot's of love, and a daily diet of safe & healthy food Toothless is still around three and a half years later. Meet Our Cat Toothless and hear his amazing rescue story here.
Follow him on instagram:  _toothlessthecat_
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